‘A Love Story In The City Of Dreams’

David Lynch has chosen to mess with my mind on the hugest scale possible. More than Nolan did with Memento or Inception. More than Hooper did with Easy Rider. More than Kubrick did with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Even more than Aronofsky did with The Fountain. Gigantically more than Gondry did with Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. And frantically more than Almodovar did with The Skin I Live In.

Lynch never really messed my mind as much with the fantastic drama The Elephant Man, he hasn’t (to an extent) with Twin Peaks either! Even now, after watching this film numerous times , I’m still lost and can’t figure out the best theory for it! Although there are parts of the film when I literally thought, “What in the name of all that is Holy is going on?!?”. It sort of make sense after discussing and analysing it with the experts, trust me!

Mullholland Drive is a surrealist neo-noir thriller, combing many different sub-plots to provide an absurd amount of different meanings to the audience. I’d rather not go into the plot, in my mind, it’s best going in blind for this one! The vast number of theories make more sense to a certain degree shortly after the purpose of the blue key and the blue box are revealed (Watch it, you’ll understand I hope!). There is brilliant use of cinematography by Peter Deming whilst Lynch continues to shock the audience as a master of surrealism through writing it’s astonishing script. The music by Angelo Badalamenti provides audiences with sinister synths, making them wonder just what the hell may be around the corner!

Now, my interpretation of this is either: Parts of the film are dream sequences, or actually, once the box is open, a new world emerges for some. I can’t spoilt it fully though! You may be reading this and thinking, “What is Sean saying?” I really don’t know what I’m saying either! I’m more confused now then I ever have been in watching a film. People may think: “This is complete rubbish! I’ve wasted over 2 hours of my life watching nothing”. This film really isn’t rubbish! You just need to be open and of course really think of what goes on during this strange adventure. Just watch it, trust me, if someone finds this is not up to their standards, fair enough. But really, it’s a story worth telling to an audience. I say a story, there’s probably over 100 different stories written by theorists all over the web!

If you are really confused after watching this, visit this website:

It does help. But if I can give any advice: make up your own theory. Lynch wants us as the audience to speak our mind, hence why he hasn’t said anything about this work of art!

To sum this up in three words: David Lynch’s masterpiece.