Image“If the caravan’s rockin’, don’t come a-knockin'”

Dark, disturbing, surreal, violent…but hilarious. This stunning black comedy from director Ben Wheatley provides an audience with a very dark take on so-called serious relationships.

Chris (Steve Oram), a caravan fan and aspiring writer, decides to take his new girlfriend, Tina (Alice Lowe), on a caravan holiday across the north of England. However, things take a turn for the worse when Chris gets incredibly stressed at a litter bug…and that’s when the murderous fun begins!

A very interesting take on black comedy. Wheatly presents the audience with the best forms of bloodshed and humour all while cramping in an awkward yet seemingly strong and realistic relationship. The mise-en-scene and cinematography really emphasise the struggles of both protagonists as they try and make their relationship work…whilst of course murder occurs in almost every scenario. Playful, gory, tremendous! A must watch for fans of Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges